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  • Hotel S'Antiga en Es Mercadal
  • Hotel S'Antiga en Es Mercadal
  • Hotel S'Antiga en Es Mercadal

    Let us introduce ourselves

    We are Pedro and Ester, a Menorcan couple who have been thinking about setting up a hotel for years. While there are many beautiful spots in Menorca to embark on such an adventure, none attracted our attention more than the heart of the island, Es Mercadal. For years we have been smitten by this charmingly unassuming village. Whenever possible, we slip away for a wander around the weekly market.

    In addition to S'Antiga, we are also at The Blarney Stone, an Irish pub serving food near Ciutadella, which boasts one of the best spots on the island to watch the sunset whilst sipping an ice-cold beer. Guests of our hotel are guaranteed a table reservation should you wish to go to there, as long as you let us know in advance.

    • Hotel S'Antiga en Es Mercadal
    • Hotel S'Antiga en Es Mercadal
    • Hotel S'Antiga en Es Mercadal
    • Hotel S'Antiga en Es Mercadal

      A building with charisma

      It was the facade of S'Antiga itself that first attracted our attention. We were captivated by this striking building, with decorated marés stone cornices and a beautiful balcony in the middle, reminiscent of manor houses. This indeed was the characterful building we were looking for. Yet the façade tells only part of the story, an interesting story that began when the house was built in 1892. To transform S'Antiga into the hotel it is today, we redesigned the interior, optimising existing spaces and preserving a number of structural features, such as the large central marés stone wall. A skylight provides light during the day, lighting up the wall and stairway to the bedrooms. Our objective was for the architecture of S'Antiga to be entirely Mediterranean in style, bringing in natural light and preserving existing features and elements. The refurbishment therefore involved elements such as marés stone, exposed wooden beams, soft outlines and the use of white. The tranquillity of Es Mercadal reigns in the inner courtyard, which is equipped with a swimming pool and seating area.

      Because of our commitment to conserving Menorca, S'Antiga is now an eco-friendly establishment. We have installed solar panels, a greywater recycling system and reverse osmosis water treatment, among other things. Our commitment to the environment applies to the products we serve you; we always ensure they are produced locally.

      • Hotel S'Antiga en Es Mercadal
      • Hotel S'Antiga en Es Mercadal
      • Hotel S'Antiga en Es Mercadal
      • Hotel S'Antiga en Es Mercadal
      • Hotel S'Antiga en Es Mercadal
      • Hotel S'Antiga en Es Mercadal

        La historia entre los muros

        Parte de la historia de Es Mercadal no se entendería sin esta casa.

        Además de ser la primera escuela para niñas de la población, fue el hogar de José Villalonga Pons (1892-1971), conocido como Pepe de Cas Sucrer. El legado de su padre, pastelero de oficio, lo encontrarás a pocos pasos del hotel, en forma de dulces típicos. Pepe fue una persona muy querida en el pueblo, sobre todo por su humanidad. Trabajaba en el Ayuntamiento, y su facilidad para la escritura hizo que muchos vecinos le pidieran ayuda a la hora de redactar documentos de todo tipo. Su vocación de servicio y atención hacia los demás es un rasgo que compartimos y mantenemos en el hotel S'Antiga. Como si las paredes de marés nos hubieran empapado de su carácter.

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